Another happy story. A Table for 2 baby!

April 2nd, 2009

Just over 5 years ago, when I was a member at T42, I got matched up with my now husband on St. Patrick’s Day. There was a mix up at the restaurant and I got seated at a different table than him. I thought I was being stood up because I waited alone for 20 minutes!


 After we finally got together it went all right. I wasn’t sure there was any chemistry. I almost didn’t go out with him a second time, but my mother talked me into it. She said if I didn’t give him a chance that she would never again listen to me complain about how I never meet any nice men. I know all you singles can relate to that!


Anyway, that is all ancient history now because we got married in 2007 and we just had our first baby. We like to call him our Table for 2 baby. He was born in December and is the highlight of what seems like an enchanted life since I meet my prince charming.


Thank you Table for 2!

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