Another Happy Story At TFT…

September 25th, 2008

“Hi Peg-
Dave proposed on Sat night. He had gone and had breakfast with my parents on Friday and got their blessing. We went to Pazzaluna for a drink, then to Kincaid’s for dinner and to Rice Park after.  We were walking toward where we stood watching the St. Patricks parade, which was our second date, and he told me that’s the day he really knew I was someone special.  Since it was so nice out, I suggestged we sit on a park bench and we were just talking and he told me he had a question for me.  I didn’t believe him at first!  The rest was kind of a blur- but when we got back to the car he had a CD in of a song that I had told him I wanted at my wedding someday. Then we went back to his house he had a big bouquet of flowers and a gift bag filled with things commemorating where we’ve been and what I will need to be his bride.  He had the menu from our first date, our tickets from Jersey Boys, for sale signs for our houses, a bottle of headache medicine, wine, an engagement journal, a book on weddings and a few other things- it was so sweet.  We both have agreed we knew we were the one right away- we have so much fun together and make each other so happy- it is awesome!  He picked the ring out all on his own, so it came as a bit of a surprise!

So a huge thank you!  I was teasing Dave, I never really got my money’s worth because he was my first date, but I couldn’t ask for anything more, nothing could replace the love and happiness he has brought to my life. 

Thanks again!!”

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