Your Clothes: How to Get that “Put Together” Look

April 28th, 2008

One of the most common questions I get is “Amy, how do I get that ‘put together’ or ‘polished’ look?”  The answer is easier than you think.  Two of the biggest fashion myths are:

1.) That if the clothes don’t fit you off the rack, then there’s something wrong with your body.

WRONG! There’s something funky about the garment, be it cut, color or fabric.

2.) That you have to spend a lot of money to look good.

WRONG! All you need is a good tailor. 

A good tailor is as essential as a physician, hair dresser/barber or accountant.  You can spend thousands of dollars on a wardrobe but if it doesn’t fit you properly, odds are it doesn’t flatter you either.  Unfortunately, you’ve been throwing money down the drain.  Often times, people feel more secure when they buy brand names because they think they’re getting good quality and trust that the garments will speak for themselves.  Trust me; they won’t.  Sometimes all you’re paying for is the designer’s beach house in the Bahamas.

If your sleeves are too long, if your shoulder seams are nowhere near your shoulders or if your pants are too long or baggy in the seat, it simply looks like you’ve been in someone else’s closet.  A dead give-away that you don’t work with someone who can educate you on garment fabric, fit or construction. 

I suggest asking around for referrals and trying to find someone close to home so that you’re more apt to use them because they’re in a convenient location.  If that nets you zero, shop your yellow pages and ask your dry cleaners for options.  Mine has a tailor on site with regular hours so needless to say, I’m there quite often. 

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